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Houston MattersspacerHelium, The Up-Lifting Element
January 12, 2021

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Today, Helium, a noble gas. The University of Houston presents this series about the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them....[ Full Story ]
Houston MattersspacerWednesday’s Houston Matters: World Sky Race
September 9, 2020

HOUSTON, TEXAS - On Wednesday’s show: HISD’s back-to-school woes, our weekly political roundup, Bakari Sellers shares his leadership wisdom, and a Houstonian organizes World Sky Race.)....[ Full Story ]
Kathryn D. Sullivan Joins WSR BoardspacerDr. Kathryn D. Sullivan Joins the World Air League Advisory Board of Directors
September 2, 2019

HOUSTON, TEXAS - To all the friends and supporters of the World Sky Race, please welcome The Honorable Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan, the first American woman to perform an extravehicular activity (EVA - walk in space), former Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and former Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)....[ Full Story ]
Team ArgetinaspacerArgentina Leads Airship Team to Represent South America
July 2, 2019

VILLA DE MERLO, ARGENTINA - The inception moment for the Argentina entry into the World Sky Race would fit into an epic movie script. Bob Fowler, CEO Aerovehicles Inc. and airship pilot, met Don Hartsell, Commissioner World Air League out in the middle a field in rural Argentina during the last total solar eclipse. ....[ Full Story ]
In Memory of Dr. Jim FowlerspacerIn Memory of Dr. Jim Fowler, Explorer
May 08, 2019

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT - Jim Fowler, 89, a great and esteemed friend, Honored Advisor to the World Air League, Honorary President of the Explorers Club, American professional zoologist and host of the acclaimed wildlife documentary television show Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom passed onward this May 8, 2019. ....[ Full Story ]
The 115th Explorers Club Annual DinnerspacerThe 115th Explorers Club Annual Dinner
March 15-17, 2019

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - For the 50th anniversary commemoration of Man landing on the Moon, the 115th Explorers Club Annual Dinner produced and honored a gathering of Apollo astronauts: Walt Cunningham; Rusty Schweickart; Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins; Fred Haise; Al Worden; Charlie Duke; and Harrison Schmitt.....[ Full Story ]
First Zeppelin Ski DropspacerThe first ever Zeppelin Skiing went down this season!
March 8, 2019

Friedrichshafen, Germany - In a world first that was two years in the making, two skiers and a snowboarder rappelled from a Zeppelin to the top of a peak in the Eastern Alps before riding down the slope, and it was captured in stunning video posted Friday......[ Full Story ]
In Memory of Water MunkspacerIn Memory of Dr. Walter Heinrich Munk, Explorer
October 19, 1917 - February 8, 2019

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA - Dr. Walter Heinrich Munk, 101, a dear exuberant friend, Honored Advisor to the World Air League, an adventurer, a romantic, distinguished scientist passed onward this February 8, 2019. Walter was born October 19, 1917 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. .....[ Full Story ]
Welcoming Brian JonesspacerAround the World - 19 Days, 21 Hours and 55 Minutes
January 26, 2019

CHÂTEAU-D’OEX, SWITZERLAND, 26 January, 2019 - To all the friends and supporters of the World Sky Race, please welcome Brian Jones, pilot of the historic Breitling Orbiter 3. Brian is now a member of the World Air League Advisory Board of Directors. .....[ Full Story ]
Walter MunkspacerWalter Munk (101) is Mapping a New Century
October 21, 2018

GILLESPIE FIELD, EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA - Dr. Walter Munk, born 19 October, 2017 is very active and intense at 101. Dr. Munk is among the extraordinary. His accomplishments include:.....[ Full Story ]
Welcoming Bertrans PiccardspacerDr. Bertrand Piccard: Solar Impulse Explorer joins the World Air League as the Patron of Solar Power
August 11, 2017

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — The Explorers Club, Headquarters - The World Air League is honored by Bertrand Piccard being our Patron of Solar Power. Dr. Piccard’s mission is to halve our world’s energy consumption....[ Full Story ]
Lockheed MartinspacerLockheed has liftoff: Sells new airships in $480M deal
May 17, 2016

(CNBC) - Lockheed Martin has landed its first contract for the hybrid airship it created inside its top secret Skunk Works division. In a deal valued at $480M, Straightline Aviation has signed a letter of intent to purchase 12 of the heavier-than-air airships....[ Full Story ]
Earth Day TexasspacerEDTx 2016 Sets the Stage for the World Air League
April 22-24, 2016

DALLAS, TEXAS - Earth Day Texas is the largest gathering on the planet for celebrating Earth Day by creating awareness, encouraging innovation, and committing to progressive action to build a more sustainable future. For the record setting size, this year's program held on the Texas State Fair Grounds attracted more than 130,000 in attendance....[ Full Story ]
World's Biggest AircraftspacerThe world's biggest aircraft: Giant airship gets closer to take-off
March 16, 2015

(CNN) - Look to the skies above London and you'll see the usual suspects -- rainclouds, planes and pigeons. But by the end of the year, you might just see something else. .....[ Full Story ]
ITB BerlinspacerITB Berlin – Setting the Stages
March 04-08, 2015

BERLIN, GERMANY - During the ITB Berlin 2015, the World Air League conducted Race site program meetings with Croatia Minister Darko Lorencin, Thailand Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Bahrain Minister Zayed Alzayan.....[ Full Story ]
Fulairah Commits to the World Sky RacespacerThe Government of Fujairah, UAE Commits to the World Sky Race Route
February 23, 2015

FUJAIRAH, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi Crown Prince of Fujairah presided over Fajairah completing an airport agreement to host the World Sky Race.....[ Full Story ]
Goodyear unveils new airshipspacerCascais, Portugal Organizes Successful Site Visit to Encourage Inclusion on the World Sky Race Route
July 28- August 3, 2014

CASCAIS, PORTUGAL - Members of the World Sky Race Route Selection Committee (RRSC) were guests of Cascais Dinâmica’s Tourism Department, for their conducting a review of Portuguese venues to potentially be on the race route.....[ Full Story ]
Goodyear unveils new airshipspacerOperation Cloud Lab: Secrets of the Skies
July 16, 2014

In Operation Cloud Lab a group of scientists fly from coast to coast across the U.S. in one of the world's largest airships to the shed light on the mysteries of the atmosphere....[ Full Story ]
Goodyear unveils new airshipspacerMasdar Institute Embraces Developments in Sustainable Advanced Lighter than Air Technology
May 25-30, 2014

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Hosted by the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, World Air League Commissioner Don Hartsell presented on its campus....[ Full Story ]
Goodyear unveils new airshipspacerGoodyear unveils new airship
March 17, 2014

The newest generation of Goodyear Blimp lifted off March 17 and cruised the Ohio sky, opening a new chapter in the storied history of an advertising icon that is among the most recognizable in the world....[ Full Story ]
IBTIMES InterviewspacerAround The World In 180 Days: Watch World Sky Race Launch Blimp Competition In 2016
March 17, 2014

Don R. Hartsell, commissioner & managing director at World Air League, discusses how World Sky Race plans to fly sky-ships, blimps and zeppelins across the globe in 2016....[ Full Story ]
World's longest aircraft is unveiled in UK spacerWorld's longest aircraft is unveiled in UK
February 27, 2014

The longest aircraft in the world has been unveiled at an airfield in Cardington, England, from where the great airships of the 1920s flew. Originally developed for the US military, the 300ft (91m) helium-filled hybrid Airlander project was scrapped owing to budget cuts......[ Full Story ]
Albuquerque KRQE article spacerHRH Prince Sultan bin Salman is Honored by the World Air League
December 19, 2013

HOUSTON, TEXAS - The World Air League presented His Royal Highness Astronaut Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud the Commemorative Portrait of his historic NASA mission on the
Discovery Space Shuttle....
[ Full Story ]
Albuquerque KRQE article spacerRound-the-world balloon race tempts N.M.
October 11, 2013

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Albuquerque already draws hundreds of pilots from around the world each October with the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, but now there is a push to do something even bigger..... [ Full Story ]

BBC 2 News Article BBC Two Science team heads for the clouds in world’s largest airship
September 19, 2013

Flying from coast to coast, across the US, in a month-long expedition for the BBC Two series Cloud Lab (working title), the team of British scientists will scrutinise insect life, the relationship between life and weather, as well as how hurricanes form.... [ Full Story ]


Russian Pilot Visits, Reflects on Grandfather’s Role in Alaska Aviation History
September 4, 2013
FAIRBANKS, ALASKA – Two Russian civilian helicopters visited Fairbanks Friday, a bit more than halfway through their round-the-world flight to test the helicopters’ performance in the subarctic. The stopover allowed... [ Full Story ]

Up Ship! for Skyship Services
August 20, 2013
ELIZABETH CITY, NORTH CAROLINA – Skyship Services, Inc. returned to the skies today with their launching a Skyship 600. Skyship Services is the successor of ... [ Full Story ]

GMAK Flies High with the World Sky Race
August 12, 2013
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - Stevie sits down with Don Hartsell, Commissioner of the World Sky Race, to talk about the evolution and the economic and environmental benefits of... [ Full Story ]

news_th spacerWorld Sky Race Alaska Local Organizing Committee Meets
August 9-11, 2013
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - Organized by the The Explorers Club with the support of the Office of the Lt. Governor of the State of Alaska the first meeting of the World Sky Race Alaska Local Organizing Committee (ALOC) was held in Anchorage.... [ Full Story ]

In Memory of Jack Kelly
May 25, 1945 - July 24, 2013
NICHOLASVILLE, KENTUCKY - Kelly, John Patrick (Jack), 68, a dear friend of the World Air League since it's formation, passed away on Wednesday, after his two-year battle with cancer. [ Full Story ]

Cargo Airships for Northern Operations Workshop
July 10-12, 2013
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - Organized by the Alaska Department of Transportation with the support and co-sponsorship of several universities throughout Alaska and in collaboration with the NASA Ames Research Center, the 3rd annual airship workshop brought together... [ Full Story ]

Offshore Technology Conference 2013
April 2-12, 2013
HOUSTON, TEXAS – Experts from the offshore energy industry around the world came together 6–9 May for the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Park in Houston. Attendance at the conference reached a 30-year high of 104,800... [ Full Story ]

Tour of airfields in the UAE and participation in the World Travel and Tourism Council 13th Global Summit
April 2-12, 2013
ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Members of the race route committee toured the United Arab Emirates airfields for review of capabilities and support for refueling and landing during the World Sky Race... [ Full Story ]

Sylvia A. Earle: Explorer joins the World Air League as Advisory Director
March 16, 2013
MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, USA – The World Air League is honored that Sylvia Alice Earle has joined it as an Advisory Director. Ms. Earle’s dedication to exploration and science will provide the World Sky Race program development with her unique and analytical perspective... [ Full Story ]

Site Tour Of The Azores Islands To Study The Transatlantic Crossing Logistics
January 8-11, 2013
PONTA DELGADA, AZORES, PORTUGAL – The Associação de Turismo dos Açores hosted a delegation from the World Sky Race Summit Host Sites Selection Committee. The primary review was to see potential airfields for refueling and logistic support for the transatlantic portion of the Race. [ Full Story ]

World Sky Race Bermuda Local Organizing Committee was formed to pursue a role in the World Sky Race
29 November, 2012
HAMILTON, BERMUDA - City of Hamilton Deputy Mayor Donal Smith was selected as Chairman for the World Sky Race Bermuda Local Organizing Committee (BLOC) to manage Bermuda's candidacy to be included on the race route. During the press conference at City Hall Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert, Transport Minister Walter Roban, Education Minister Dame Jennifer Smith, Environment Minister Marc Bean, Families Minister Glenn Blakeney and Hamilton City Mayor Graeme Outerbridge were supportive of Bermuda's candidacy and each expressed their enthusiasm for participating in the inaugural World Sky Race. [ Full Story ]

Unusual air race has Bermuda in its sights
November 28, 2012
BERMUDA - Mr. Hartsell said that while most blimps seen by the public appear to move very slowly, the airships are actually capable of traveling at speeds of more than 155 knots.

“Most of the airships people see today used are for advertising purposes,” he explained. “They don’t want them to move too quickly. Part of what we want to do is take the shells off the tortoises and let them be hares.” [ Full Story ]

World Travel Market Provides Global Logistics Reach for the World Sky Race
November 4-7, 2012
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. - The annual World Travel Market convened to highlight and promote global tourism. During the program, representatives of the World Air League engaged Ministries of Tourism, UNESCO and the United Nations World Travel Organization in strategic and tactical discussion for coordinating the World Sky Race. Bermuda and the Azores, Portugal and the Kingdom of Cambodia extended invitations to members of the World Sky Race Summit Host Sites Selection Committee to visit their countries for consideration of greater participation in WSR activities. [ Full Story ]

Dirigibles a la carrera
October 21, 2012 By Eva M. Rull
MADRID, SPAIN - Una carrera por la humanidad y el planeta, en palabras de sus organizadores. La primera competición de dirigibles de la historia partirá del meridiano de Greenwich en Londres para dar la vuelta al mundo hasta alcanzar el meridiano de París y aterrizar en Versalles en 2015. [ Full Story ]

Cargo Airships for Northern Operations and The Arctic Imperative Summit
August 22-27, 2012
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - Don R. Hartsell, the Commissioner of the World Air League and founder of the upcoming World Sky Race, attended the 2nd Cargo Airships for Northern Operations Workshop. The Workshop provided a venue for potential inventors, aerospace manufacturers, regulatory administrators, economists and investors to examine modern heavy lift airship services and business development opportunities for modernizing the transportation grid in the Arctic. [ Full Story ]

Man seeks to stage around-the-world blimp race
August 17, 2012
By Marina Csomor, Special to CNN
(CNN) - "I thought this project was so large, so ambitious, that no one would take me seriously," says the Texas resident and aircraft enthusiast. "In fact, I was concerned they would think I was insane." Hartsell is talking about his World Sky Race, which as conceived would be a grand global spectacle. [ Full Story ]

Rio +20, The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
June 20-22, 2012
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – As a UNESCO NGO partner, the World Air League sent observers to attend the Rio +20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The program provided extensive networking connections with global organizations active in developing and promoting sustainable... [ Full Story ]

Ajman 2nd International Environment Conference
June 3-7, 2012
AJMAN, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid al-Nuaimi, Emir of Ajman organized the Ajman 2nd International Environment Conference to create a role for Ajman in promoting... [ Full Story ]

United Arab Emirates Opens Doors for the World Sky Race
April 30-May 3, 2012
ABU DHABI AND DUBAI, THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – While attending the Arabian Travel Market, the World Air League was a guest for an aerial site review of Abu Dhabi’s skyline in 1942 Stearman Trainer, a vintage bi-wing open cockpit airplane. The tour provided a downtown flyover of the city’s icons, including the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque from the altitude that the airships would travel. [ Full Story ]

ITB Berlin – Charting the Course in Changing World
March 6-11, 2012
BERLIN, GERMANY - During the ITB 2012 Berlin conference, the World Air League met with tourism authorities, representatives and stakeholders for Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) in the United Kingdom, Germany, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, California, New York and France. [ Full Story ]

The Indonesia Ministry of Tourism invites World Air League to conduct survey for inclusion on WSR route
February 20-21, 2012
JAKARTA, INDONESIA - The Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy invited the World Air League Summit Host Site Committee to travel to Indonesia to conduct its initial site visit for the potential inclusion of Indonesia in planning the World Sky Race route. Nia Niscaya, Director of International Tourism Promotion represented the Ministry as host for WAL committee members [ Full Story ]

The World Air League announces Scott G. McNealy and Dr. Mary Ellen Weber joining as Advisory Directors
January 31, 2012
HOUSTON, TEXAS - The World Air League is honored that Mr. Scott G. McNealy and Dr. Mary Ellen Weber have joined as Advisory Directors... [ Full Story ]

Airships to the Arctic VI
December 5-6, 2011
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - ISO Polar and the Van Horne Institute organized the Airships to the Arctic Conference for diverse stakeholders interested in the advances in lighter-than-air technologies. The conference program focused on utilizing airships for global economic development and infrastructure replacement. [ Full Story ]

In Memory of Captain Michael Nerandzic
June 12, 2011
FRIEDBERG, GERMANY - It is with great sadness that we report the death of Captain Mike Nerandzic, one of the world's most experienced Airship Pilots. With a total of 26 years airship piloting experience covering more than 18,000 flight hours in 24 countries, Captain Nerandzic was a talented pilot with a deep passion for flying. [ Full Story ]

A race for the planet, a race for humanity
January 28, 2011
LONDON, UK - Promising to be a spectacular event, the World Sky Race will fill the world’s skies with grand and majestic flying machines. These airships are normally seen individually, but this event will circle the world with a competing regatta of these incredible vessels flying over the most significant landmarks on the planet. [ Full Story ]

The New Vehicle Set to Revolutionize the Skies
January 4, 2011
LONDON, UK - Imagine a flying machine that can cruise in the air for three weeks without landing - and does not need a runway when it finally comes back to earth. It may sound like science fiction, but the Hybrid Air Vehicle - which looks like a traditional airship - can land anywhere and on any surface. [ Full Story ]

UNWTO joins UNESCO in supporting the World Sky Race
February 4, 2011
MADRID, SPAIN - It is my great pleasure to announce that UNWTO is joining UNESCO in supporting the World Sky Race, an around-the-world race in lighter-than-air skyships, organized by the World Air League, a U.S.-based nongovernmental organization. [ Full Story ]

The World Air League announces the Texas Sky Cup 2017
January 2, 2015
HOUSTON, TEXAS - The Houston Texans hosted the World Air League at Reliant Stadium to announce the Texas Sky Cup. During the Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game, the Texas Sky Cup was premiered on the video score boards and the LED displays surrounding the stadium. Sports enthusiasts and Texan fans were treated and entertained by the state-of-the-art graphics displays. [ Full Story ]

Eurosport and the World Air League initiate International Broadcast Partnership to cover the World Sky Race
October 26, 2010
PARIS, FRANCE - The Eurosport Group and the World Air League formalized a partnership for broadcast coverage of the inaugural 2012-2013 World Sky Race. Each of the individual race stages in this historic around-the-world skyship air rally will be featured in a series of programs broadcast on Eurosport, the leading pan-European sports broadcaster. Eurosport's coverage will consist of 18 prime time programs... [ Full Story ]

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World Sky Race event is launched in Times Square, New York City
October 7, 2010
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Promotion of the World Sky Race, an unprecedented race among skyships, blimps and zeppelins to begin in 2012, was launched on two giant screens in Times Square, New York City on September 30 and October 1, 2010. Scheduled to... [ Full Story ]

The World Sky Race debuts in New York City Times Square on Jumbotrons
September 30, 2010
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - The World Sky Race had its debut on two Jumbotrons in Times Square today. The World Sky Race 2012-2013 is a first of its kind, historic, grand and epic aviation adventure of competing teams flying lighter-than-air skyships, blimps and zeppelins. [ Full Story ]

Blimpie Cup Racing Series, Coming Soon To A Sky Near You?
September 17, 2010
If sports has taught us anything over the years, it's that you can't beat the view from a blimp. If Don Hartsell gets his way, at about this time next year, we’ll all be glued to the TV watching air ships (you know, like blimps and stuff) race around the world. As The Wall Street Journal tells it... [ Full Story ]

Blimp Enthusiast Is Buoyed by Idea of a Round-the-World Race
September 16, 2010
PAGE ONE - The 1937 Hindenburg disaster was a major blow to blimp enthusiasts. Seven decades later, Don Hartsell is trying to get people fired up about airship travel. As founder of the World Air League, the 57-year-old modern-day Phileas Fogg is trying to line up zeppelins, blimps and other dirigibles for a race... [ Full Story ]

Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz opens Exhibition at the Louvre Museum
July 13, 2010
PARIS, FRANCE - At the Louvre Museum, the "Saudi Archeological Masterpieces through the ages" exhibition was opened in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) and Mr. Frédéric Mitterrand, French Minister of Culture, and Mr. Henri Loyrette, Director General of the Louvre Museum. [ Full Story ]

Francesco Bandarin, new UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture
June 15, 2010
PARIS, FRANCE - Francesco Bandarin (Italy), Director of UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre since 2000, is UNESCO’s new Assistant Director-General for Culture. As a specialist in architecture and urban planning, Mr Bandarin previously worked in both public and private institutions in the fields of built heritage, cultural heritage conservation, environmental heritage and cultural events, as well as architectural and urban design... [ Full Story ]

Dr. Norman Augustine joins the World Air League as an Advisory Director
March 1, 2010
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The World Air League is honored that Dr. Norman Augustine has joined as an Advisory Director. Dr. Augustine's lifetime dedication and leadership in the field of aviation is represents a pinnacle of personal achievement. Dr. Augustine's interests and achievements are wide ranging. His guidance will provide the World Sky Race program development with global capabilities and diverse practical insights. [ Full Story ]

In Memory of George Spyrou
February 27, 2010
GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT - George Andrew Rankin Spyrou, a gentleman, a visionary and a friend, will be greatly missed. We admired his life and enjoyed his conversations. George was born in Glasgow, Scotland on April 14, 1949. He attended Cranleigh School in the... [ Full Story ]

Jordan Local Organizing Committee hosts WAL Delegation
January 11-15, 2010
HQ JORDAN ROYAL AIR FORCE AMMAN, JORDAN - The Jordan Local Organizing Committee hosted a site visit by members of the World Air League Host Cities Committee. HRH Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein received Mr. Jack Kelly and Mr. Don Hartsell to discuss JLOC developmental activities. [ Full Story ]

December 2009 MOSCOW, RUSSIA
[ Full Story ]

Projet Sol'R - Ne'phe'lios a vole' pour la premie're fois!
(Ne'phe'lios flew for the first time!)

December 21, 2009
MELUN-VILLAROCHE, FRANCE - L'appareil s'est bien comporte', l'e'quipage a parfaitement exe'cute' les maneuvres et le pilote a pu commencer a' tester les possibilite's de l'appareil.      [ Full Story ]

New York Times Crossword Puzzle - 44 Across
November 15, 2009

[ Full List of Clues ]       [ View the Puzzle ]

HRH Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein is the Royal Patron for the World Sky Race in Jordan
November 12, 2009
ROYAL PALACE AQABA, JORDAN - Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein of Jordan honored the World Air League by his becoming the Royal Patron for the World Sky Race in Jordan... [ Full Story ]

Projet Sol'R - Recognizing Continuing Developments
October 3, 2009
MELUN-VILLAROCHE, FRANCE - The continuing development of Projet Sol'R, the first solar powered skyship, is the subject of growing global media awareness. The goal for this ground breaking experimental project is to pioneer manned flight with 0 carbon emissions... [ Full Story ]

The Federation of Russia Chamber of Commerce encourages Frankfurt am Main for a Milestone Host Site
September 29 - October 1, 2009
FRANKFURT am MAIN AND FRIEDRICHSHAFEN GERMANY - The Federation of Russia Chamber of Commerce commenced a campaign of developing cooperative ties with the World Air League. "The Chamber shares the affirmative vision of the World Sky Race and seeks to have a greater role for Russia... [ Full Story ]

Dr. Harvey Schiller joins the World Air League as an Advisory Director for the WSR Host Cities Committee
September 2, 2009
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - The WAL is pleased to announce that Dr. Harvey Schiller has joined the World Sky Race Host Cities Committee. As an important executive member of the Olympic organization, Dr. Schiller brings experience, knowledge and global relations to the development of the WSR... [ Full Story ]

NASA Space Act Partnership to Provide Green Aviation Technology Validation for Lighter-than-Air Craft
August 13 - 17, 2009
MOFFETT FIELD, CALIFORNIA - In a series of meetings at NASA Ames Research Center, representatives for NASA and the World Air League agreed to create a Space Act Agreement partnership. The purpose is to... [ Full Story ]

Projet Sol'R - The First Solar Powered Skyship
July 30, 2009
MELUN-VILLAROCHE, FRANCE - Members of the Projet Sol'R French development team provided the World Air League with the fun opportunity to review Le Nephelios under construction... [ Full Story ]

World Sky Race To Stop In Houston
HOUSTON, TEXAS - The World Sky Race will stop in Houston in a few years, KPRC Local 2 reported Friday. Don Hartsell, the commissioner and managing director of the World Air League, is planning a race of blimps and skyships around the world. There will be 16 races connected... [ Full Story ]
ARTICLE: By Ryan Korsgard, KPRC Local

National Geographic Radio
Boyd Matson of National Geographic Radio interviews Don R. Hartsell, World Air League Commissioner and Managing Director... [ Full Story ]

Jean-Michel Jarre - World Tour
May 22, 2009
WEMBLEY LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - In a stunning tour de force of energy harnessed and channeled, Jean-Michel Jarre performed before a packed audience in Wembley Arena. In this his first ever World Tour, Jarre provided a unique and intimate opportunity for audiences see his electronic wizardry up-close-and personal, featuring music from his milestone albums... [ Full Story ]

United Arab Emirates Opens Doors for the World Sky Race
May 4 - 11, 2009
ABU DHABI, DUBAI AND SHARJAH OF THE UNITED ARAB EMRIATES In meetings conducted before, during and after the Arabian Travel Market, the World Air League provided organizational briefings for Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing... [ Full Story ]

National Geographic France
March, 2009
Les dirigeables redécollent by Marie-Amélie Carpio... [ Full Story ]

Qatar Airways launches non-stop route to connect Doha and Houston
March 31, 2009
HOUSTON, TEXAS - Qatar Airways celebrated this week's launch of its new Houston - Doha route by hosting a glittering gala dinner... [ Full Story ]

The Biodiversity and Enviromental Impact of the World Sky Race
are Explored by Stakeholders

March 17 & 20, 2009
MONTE CARLO, MONACO and GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT - La Principaute de Monaco invited the World Air League for an initial World Sky Race...[ Full Story ]

ITB Berlin - Embrace the Race
March 11-15, 2009
BERLIN, GERMANY - During the ITB 2009 Berlin conference, the World Air League met with representatives... [ Full Story ]

Harry Gee, Jr. appointed Acting Chairman of the
Houston Local Organizing Committee

March 5, 2009
HOUSTON, TEXAS - The World Air League announced today that Harry Gee, Jr. has accepted the position of Acting Chairman... [ Full Story ]

Mr. Jean-Michel Jarre is named the Artistic Director for the World Sky Race
February 25, 2009
PARIS, FRANCE - Mr. Jean-Michel Jarre agreed to join the World Air League Honorary Board of Directors and will serve as Artistic Director... [ Full Story ]

Lorie Karnath, WAL Advisory Director - Next President of the Explorers Club
February 16, 2009
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - The World Air League congratulates Lorie Karnath on her succeeding Daniel Bennett as the 37th President of the Explorers Club, the prestigious club devoted to preserving and promoting... [ Full Story ]

Airship Panoramas
NYC TV On Demand
Secrets of New York - Airship panoramas: Soar over New York City in the Met Life Blimp... [ Watch Video ]

United Kingdom Local Organizing Committee - Embrace the Race
January 22, 2009
GREENWICH, UNITED KINGDOM Representatives of the stakeholders held their second meeting of the World Sky Race United Kingdom Local Organizing Committee. The meeting was held in the historic Greenwich Townhall... [ Full Story ]

German (Stuttgart) Local Organizing Committee - Embrace the Race
January 22, 2009
STUTTGART, GERMANY - DC Aviation organized a meeting consisting of government representatives for the city of Stuttgart and... [ Full Story ]

UH Alumni Quarterly, Winter 2008
January, 2009
Head in the Clouds: UH Alumnus Organizes Around-the-World Skyship Race by David Raffetto... [ Full Story ]

Greater Houston Partnership
January 8, 2009
HOUSTON, TEXAS - The Greater Houston Partnership held its Annual Meeting and 20th Anniversary at the George R. Brown Convention Center... [ Full Story ]

'Round the world in a dirigible
December 12, 2008
PARIS, FRANCE - On Radio France International, Imogen Lamb talks to Don Hartsell, the organiser of the world's first round-the-globe race... [ Full Story ]

United Kingdom Local Organizing Committee
November 14, 2008
GREENWICH, UNITED KINGDOM - Representatives of stakeholders and members of the World Sky Race United Kingdom Local Organizing Committee... [ Full Story ]

World Travel Market
November 10 - 13, 2008
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. - The annual World Travel Market convened to highlight and promote global tourism... [ Full Story ]

Per Lindstrand advises the World Air League on LTA technical matters and lessons from his record setting experiences
November 9, 2008
OSWESTRY, SHROPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM - Per Lindstrand, Historic Balloonist and Lighter-Than-Air Pioneer and Commissioner... [ Full Story ]

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Supreme Commission of Tourism and World Air League Confer on World Sky Race
October 28, 2008
RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, Secretary-General of the Supreme Commission for Tourism and... [ Full Story ]

State of Qatar Ministry of Energy and Industry receives the World Air League
October 21, 2008
DOHA, QATAR - At the invitation of the Ministry of Energy and Industry, H. E. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Sada, Qatar Minister of State for Energy & Industry Affairs and Don Hartsell, World Air League Commissioner met to discuss... [ Full Story ]

World skyship race to promote World Heritage sites and environment - UNESCO
September 24, 2008
PARIS, FRANCE - Zeppelins and skyships will take part in a global race in 2010 promoting world heritage sites as well as sustainable tourism that reduces the pollution and environmental stress on natural and cultural locations... [ Full Story ]

UNESCO : Une course en dirigeables pour dfendre les sites protgs
September 24, 2008
PARIS, FRANCE - Le Centre du patrimoine mondial de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'ducation, la science et la culture (UNESCO) et la World Air League ont lanc mercredi un partenariat pour montrer... [ Full Story ]

UNESCO and World Air League join forces to promote
lighter-than-air transportation

September 24, 2008
PARIS, FRANCE - UNESCO's World Heritage Centre and the World Air League, will present an ambitious partnership on 24 September... [ Full Story ]

September 23, 2008 [ Full ]

Zeppelin and Skyship Races
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - Don Hartsell, Commissioner of the World Air League, discusses his plans to launch the World Sky Race with Jim Clash on "Adventurer". [ Watch Video ]

Explorers And Adventurers
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - Explorers Club President Dan Bennett toasts to a history of great feats and the future of adventure. [ Watch Video ]

18th World Hot Air Balloon Championship
September 21, 2008
AUSTRIA - Twice Guinness world record holder and international skydiver Mike Howard will participate at the World Hot Air Balloon Championship 2008, sponsored by Star Events [ Full Story ]

In Germany, a City's Famed Industry Now Helps Keep It Afloat
August 4, 2008
FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, GERMANY - Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin launched his first flying machine from Lake Constance here in 1900. Thus began a chapter of aviation history that would propel Friedrichshafen onto the world stage [ Full Story ]
ARTICLE: By Nicholas Kulish, The New York Times

Why Fly When You Can Float?
July 5, 2008
PARIS, FRANCE - Imagine gliding in a floating hotel over the Serengeti, gazing down at herds of zebra or elephants; or floating over Paris as the... [ Full Story ]
ARTICLE: By JOHN TAGLIABUE Copyright 2008 New York Times

World Heritage Committee to meet in Quebec to inscribe new sites on UNESCO's World Heritage List
July 2-10, 2008
QUEBEC, CANADA - The World Heritage Committee will consider requests for the inscription of new sites on UNESCO's World Heritage List when... [ Full Story ]

Vietnam wants a Houston consulate
Prime minister, local leaders discuss ways to expand business

June 26, 2008
Vietnam's ambassador to the U.S. said his nation hopes to open a consul general's office in Houston soon. "We have agreed in principle," said Ambassador Le Cong Phung during a break in Thursday's meeting. [ Full Story ]
PHOTO: Nick de la Torre: Houston Chronicle
ARTICLE: By JENALIA MORENO Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce Meeting
May 25, 2008
HOUSTON, TEXAS - India Consul General Shashishekhar M. Gavai as the keynote speaker at the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce Houston Chapter meeting described the WSR India Local Organizing Committee's activities. [ Full Story ]

Vietnam Diplomatic Mission to Houston
May 23, 2008
HOUSTON, TEXAS - Vietnam sent a high level diplomatic delegation to Houston to consider locating a Consulate in the city. Included in the mission meetings and social events... [ Full Story ]

The Energy of Abstraction
May 10, 2008
HOUSTON, TEXAS - Members of Egypt Local Organizing Committee traveled to Houston to attend Farouk Hosny's Museum of Fine Arts, Houston exhibition debut. Farouk Hosny is one of Egypt's most prominent... [ Full Story ]

The World Sky Race: Going the Distance by Lighter-than-Air Skyships
May 10, 2008
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - Don Hartsell, Member of the Explorers Club and World Air League Commissioner, presented as the keynote lecturer the World Sky Race to the Club. [ Full Story ]

Arabian Travel Market Organizing Meetings
May 6, 2008
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - The Arabian Travel Market provided an opportunity to continue consulation meetings with important Ministries of Tourism on the World Sky Race Route. [ Full Story ]

India - Briefing the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
NEW DELHI, INDIA - Initial discussion for the India World Sky Race started with positive encouragement from India Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni. Follow-up planning with Joint Secretary Amitabh Kant and his staff resulted in a detailed aerial mapping of India's treasured World Heritage Sites. [ Full Story ]

Sultanate of Oman Ministry Of Tourism Receives the World Air League
April 13, 2008
MUSCAT, OMAN - The second in a series of meetings were held between Oman Ministry Of Tourism Director General Salim Bin Adey Al-Mamari and World Air League Commissioner Hartsell. [ Full Story ]

Lorie Karnath joins German Local Organizing Committee
March 16, 2008
BERLIN, GERMANY - The World Air League is pleased to announce the Ms. Lorie Karnath has joined the World Sky Race Germany Local Organizing Committee (GLOC). As a member of the Explorer's Club who has been... [ Full Story ]

Explorer's Club Annual Dinner (ECAD) 2008
March 15, 2008
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - Commissioner Hartsell, one of the newest members of the world-renowned Explorer's Club, joined his fellow Explorers at the Annual dinner held in the headquarters in New York City. [ Full Story ]

ITB Berlin
March 5 - 8, 2008
BERLIN, GERMANY - During the ITB Berlin conference, Ministries of Tourism and key travel industry representatives met with members of the World Air League Host Cities Commission. Discussions centered on the... [ Full Story ]

Something's In the Air
UNESCO World Heritage Centre and WAL to Partner for Historic Aviation Race

March 6, 2008
PARIS, FRANCE - The two organizations are developing a global partnership which will promote the values of World Heritage by an extraordinary program... [ Full Story ]

Tiger Ball 2008: Enchanting Indonesia
February 15, 2008
HOUSTON, TEXAS - Co-chairs John Hofmeister, Shell Oil president, and Dr. Karen Otazo Hofmeister and Diplomatic hosts H.E. Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat and The Hon. Kria Fahmi Pasaribu presided over the annual Tiger Ball gala... [ Full Story ]

Italy Local Organizing Committee
February 14, 2008
HOUSTON, TEXAS - The Honorable Consul General of Italy Cristiano Maggipinto met today with Don Hartsell, Commissioner of the World Air League in Houston to discuss Italy's participation in the World Sky Race. Topics of... [ Full Story ]

Exhibition Features Contemporary Paintings From Egypt's Minister Of Culture
February 2, 2008
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA - Furthering the wave of interest in Egyptian art that began when the King Tut exhibition visited Fort Lauderdale in 2006, Floridians have the opportunity to explore works from one of the... [ Full Story ]

Postcard from Davos: World Economic Forum is heady stuff
January 31, 2008
DAVOS, SWITZERLAND - I just spent an amazing week with the Mighty and the Mighty Rich at the 38th annual conclave of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Held in the postcard-perfect Swiss town of Davos, just a schuss away... [ Full Story ]

Public Service Announcement filmed in Miami
January 31, 2008
MIAMI, FLORIDA - On Thursday, January 31, 2008, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt Supreme Council of Antiquities filmed a public service announcement on the World Sky Race. On site to make some... [ Full Story ]

Egypt Local Organizing Committee
January 1, 2008
Los Angeles, California- During the 119th annual Tournament of Roses Parade, representatives of the Egyptian Tourist Authority... [ Full Story ]

Qatar National Day
December 18, 2007
On the occasion of the State of Qatar's National Day, the Honorable Geoffrey Connor, World Air League Director and Abdulla Jassim Al-Maadadi, Acting Consul General of the State of Qatar opened discussions Qatar's potential role... [ Full Story

Explorers Club
December 17, 2007
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - The Explorers Club approved World Air League Commissioner Don Hartsell for full membership into their ranks. The Explorers Cub has promoted exploration for over one hundred years. Founded... [ Full Story ]

Pattaya International Balloon Fiesta
December 11, 2007
PATTAYA, THAILAND - In celebration of Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 80th birthday, Star Events of Dubai visited Thailand with their international team of three hot air balloons. The Emirates balloon's world tour and six additional... [ Full Story ]

Emirates Airlines - Dubai to Houston Gala
December 4, 2007
HOUSTON, TEXAS - Emirates Airlines commenced non-stop air service between Dubai and Houston. The new service connects the World Sky Race Local Organizing Committees of the UAE and Texas. The inaugural flight was... [ Full Story]

UNESCO World Heritage Alliance
November 28, 2007
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - Expedia, Inc, and the United Nations Foundation in collaboration with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre approved new members to the World Heritage Alliance (WHA) in a ceremony held at the United... [ Full Story ]

United Kingdom Local Organizing Committee
November 16, 2007
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - At the Greenwich Royal Park, representatives of the Greenwich Council, National Maritime Museum, the Royal Parks, Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site, Greenwich Hospital, NATSd... [ Full Story ]

UNESCO World Heritage Centre
November 5, 2007
PARIS, FRANCE - At the Awards Ceremonies for the World Heritage Partnerships for Conservation, Don Hartsell, WAL , Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Francoise Riviere, UNESCO Assistant Director... [ Full Story ]

Albuquerque Balloon Festival
October 8, 2007
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO - Star Events, the managing agent for the World Sky Race UAE Local Organizing Committee (UAELOC) and the managing agent for the Dubai Balloon Festival, entered three hot air balloons in the... [ Full Story ]

Houston - World Sky Race Day
October 2, 2007
HOUSTON, TEXAS - "Mayor White, Council Members, Ladies and Gentlemen, and Anne Clutterbuck, my friend for whom time has no bounds, I want to thank you for the Honor and recognition that today we take note it is in Houston... [ Full Story ]

A Night at the Museum
September 24, 2007
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - In a joint program between the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City and UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Francesco Bandarin, Director of UNESCO World Heritage Centre ... [ Full Story ]

World Sky Race Mexico Local Organizing Committee
September 24, 2007
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - Secretary Alejandra Barrales Magdaleno, on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism Mexico City, officially welcomed and requested the World Air League to include Ciudad de Mexico as a milestone host city in... [ Full Story ]

Global Partnerships Development
September 22, 2007
FLOYD BENNETT FIELD, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - By the generous donation and support of Airship Management Services, the World Air League and supporters previewed skyship operations at the historic Floyd Bennett Field. [ Full Story ]

Celebrating Malaysia's 50 Years of Nationhood
September 6, 2007
EMBASSY OF MALAYSIA, WASHINGTON, D.C. - On the occasion of celebrating Malaysia's Independence Day August 31, 2007, Ambassador Dr. Rajmah Hussain and Commissioner Don Hartsell discussed the ongoing progress of... [ Full Story ]

World Sky Race Texas Local Organizing Committee
August 24, 2007
AUSTIN, TEXAS - Aaron S. Demerson, Executive Director of the State of Texas Office of the Governor Economic Development & Tourism and Don Hartsell, Commissioner and Managing Director of the World Air League... [ Full Story ]

World Sky Race
August 20, 2007, SPAN Magazine
The World Sky Race, a global race for lighter than air skyships and Zeppelins, will trace a route over heritage sites across the world in Fall of 2010. Developed by Houston, Texas-based World Air League, the race will start at... [ Full Story ]

Cooperation between UNESCO's World Heritage Centre and World Air League
August 1, 2007
PARIS, FRANCE - At UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris, Don Hartsell, Commissioner and Managing Director of the World Air League and Francesco Bandarin, Director of UNESCO's World Heritage Centre reached... [ Full Story ]

World Sky Race Dubai Local Organizing Committee
July 30, 2007
DUBAI - At ETA-ASCON Headquarters in Dubai, Don Hartsell, Commissioner and Managing Director of the World Air League and A. Hakim Albannay, General Manager of Human Resources & Corporate Affairs ETA-ASCON... [ Full Story ]

July 1, 2007
Me, I'm putting my chips on a slightly more down-to-earth creative venture. Recently a friend of mine introduced me to the commissioner of the World Air League, who is developing the World Sky Race, a historic global race for... [ Full Story ]

Malaysia Local Organizing Committee
February 5, 2007
MALAYSIA - On February 5, 2007, the second meeting of the Malaysia Local Organizing Committee was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. World Air League Commissioner Don Hartsell provided his briefing for members... [ Full Story ]