The Family Office Network and the World Air League Join Forces for Groundbreaking Health Research on Airborne Microplastics


The Family Office Network and the World Air League are excited to announce a pioneering collaboration to conduct critical health research. The World Air League is outfitting the Save Earth’s Environment (SEE) Airship Expedition to carry out a comprehensive analysis of airborne microplastics in the air we breathe.

The SEE Airship Expedition will systematically collect samples from diverse locations, including industrial areas, rural landscapes, bodies of water, forests, coastlines, and offshore regions. This ambitious initiative aims to generate the most extensive database to date on the presence of airborne microplastics, addressing a growing global health concern.

SEE - A Pioneering Expedition

The SEE Airship Expedition is uniquely equipped to systematically collect air samples from a variety of environments, including industrial areas, rural landscapes, bodies of water, forests, coastlines, and offshore regions. This ambitious initiative aims to create the most extensive database ever compiled on the presence of airborne microplastics. By covering such a wide range of locations, the expedition will provide a holistic understanding of the distribution and concentration of these particles in the air we breathe.

The Urgency of This Research

The urgency of this research cannot be overstated. Airborne microplastics are found in increasing quantities in every surveyed region of our planet. These microscopic particles pose a significant threat to human respiratory health. Inhalation of microplastics can lead to a variety of respiratory issues, from airway inflammation and irritation to severe conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Furthermore, these tiny particles can penetrate deep into the lungs and enter the bloodstream, causing systemic exposure.

Respiratory Issues Caused by Microplastics

Chronic exposure to airborne microplastics can result in several respiratory health issues:

  • Airway Inflammation and Irritation: Microplastics can cause chronic inflammation and irritation of the airways, leading to persistent coughing, wheezing, and discomfort.
  • Asthma: There is growing evidence that inhaling microplastics can exacerbate asthma symptoms, triggering more frequent and severe asthma attacks.
  • Bronchitis: Long-term exposure can lead to chronic bronchitis, characterized by persistent cough, mucus production, and difficulty breathing.
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis: This condition involves the scarring of lung tissue, which can result from the body’s inflammatory response to foreign particles, including microplastics.
  • Reduced Lung Function: Continuous inhalation of microplastics may lead to decreased lung function over time, contributing to long-term health issues such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Leading the Research

The SEE research will be conducted by Dr. Dimitri Deheyn, a Scripps Research Scientist whose advanced airborne microplastic research was featured in the New York Times article, “To Study a Problem That’s Everywhere, They’re Getting Creative.”

Innovative Outreach

Airships are newsworthy wherever they go. The World Air League will outfit the SEE Airship to serve as a live aerial broadcast booth, providing real-time news coverage. The SEE Airship envelope will feature a QR Code to encourage real-time interactive social media engagement. The SEE Airship Expedition is scheduled to fly over New York City during the next September gathering of the United Nations General Assembly. The mission is to inform global leaders and policymakers about the magnitude of this concern.

Why Family Office Investors Are Flocking to Support This Cause

Family offices are increasingly recognizing the critical importance of providing financial support for this research for several compelling reasons:

  • Health Impact and Social Responsibility: As awareness of the health risks associated with microplastics grows, there is a moral imperative to support initiatives that aim to protect public health. Investing in this research aligns with broader social responsibility goals.
  • Innovation and Scientific Advancement: The SEE Airship Expedition represents cutting-edge innovation in environmental health research. Supporting such pioneering efforts positions investors at the forefront of scientific discovery and technological advancement.
  • Economic Benefits: Addressing the health impacts of microplastics can lead to significant economic benefits. Reducing healthcare costs associated with treating respiratory and other related conditions can alleviate financial burdens on healthcare systems and improve overall public health.
  • Sustainable Investing: There is a growing trend towards sustainable and impact investing. Backing research that addresses environmental pollution and health risks aligns with the principles of sustainable investing, attracting investors who prioritize environmental and social governance (ESG) criteria.
  • Regulatory Preparedness: As regulatory bodies increasingly focus on environmental and public health issues, investors see the value in supporting research that can inform future regulations. Being ahead of regulatory changes can provide strategic advantages.

Family Office Networks and the World Air League’s partnership highlights the importance of innovative approaches to tackle pressing global health issues. The SEE Airship Expedition is poised to make a lasting impact by enhancing our understanding of airborne microplastics and paving the way for future research and action to protect public health.

Call to Action

The Family Office Network and the World Air League are requesting your financial support for the SEE Airship Expedition. With the goal of including the United Nations, your immediate financial support is requested. Beyond New York City, the SEE Airship Expedition route will be open for planning and scheduling public relations events. One half of the SEE Airship envelope is presently available for appropriate co-branding. Be seen with SEE.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact:

Don Hartsell
World Air League

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About Dr. Dimitri Deheyn

SEE Dr. Dimitri Deheyn is a researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He is known for his groundbreaking research on microplastics, significantly enhancing our understanding of their prevalence across various ecosystems. Dr. Deheyn’s work is pivotal in expanding the knowledge about the environmental impact and distribution of microplastics globally.

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