The World Sky Race® will be the largest man-made event seen by live spectators in the entire history of the human race...


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WAL Dear Citizens of the World,

Symbolism matters. Symbolism matters greatly to Humanity. Our mission is to provide a reason for peoples around the world to go outside to Look-Up!

The World Air League is producing the historic first race of airships to circle our Planet Earth. Our mission, our vision, we wish to connect us with our shared horizons. We seek to chart an alternative path to a future where we adapt to climate and its changes.

We pledge to provide teachers around the world the ways and means to be inspiring teachers, so that the World Sky Race connects classrooms, creating a shared educational experience for the world’s next generation that they will have the common bond of education. A life-long bond, an investment in the future, with its dividends measured in decades.

Yes, we will be bold. Join us and together we will celebrate living on Planet Earth.

Embrace the Race!

Don R Hartsell
World Air League Commissioner


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