India - Briefing the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

New Delhi, India - Initial discussion for the India World Sky Race started with positive encouragement from India Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni. Follow-up planning with Joint Secretary Amitabh Kant and his staff resulted in a detailed aerial mapping of India's treasured World Heritage Sites. Subject to consultations with UNESCO, the Taj Mahal is being considered as a primary World Sky Race Milestone in the fly-overs route. Additionally, positive meetings with Kanu Gohain, Director General of India Civil Aviation, determined that India Civil Aviation would be supportive in permitting flight plan requests submitted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to include India's World Heritage Sites. India is home to many of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and based on initial route planning more than half of them will be highlighted for global educational studies associated with the World Sky Race.

Minister Ambika Soni, India Ministry of Tourism and Culture
Joint Secretary Amitabh Kant, India Ministry of Tourism and Culture

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