Jean-Michel Jarre - World Tour

May 22, 2009

WEMBLEY LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - In a stunning tour de force of energy harnessed and channeled, Jean-Michel Jarre performed before a packed audience in Wembley Arena. In this his first ever World Tour, Jarre provided a unique and intimate opportunity for audiences see his electronic wizardry up-close-and personal, featuring music from his milestone albums, played live on the original analogue synthesizers, and legendary Laser Harp. Jean-Michel had them standing in the aisles. And on this auspicious occasion, Jean-Michel Jarre embraced the race, the World Sky Race.

On hand to witness his live performance at Wembley were Don Hartsell the Commissioner of the World Air League and Mike Mansfield, the TV producer who captured the spirit of the Millennium when he filmed Jean-Michel Jarre's historic sunset to sunrise Millennium concert at the foot of the Great Pyramids.

At the outset of his career Jean-Michel revolutionized the art of live concert performances when he created his spectacular, cityscape concerts, painting the architecture and the skies of some of the planets major landmarks, in sound and light ; Paris, London, Beijing, Moscow, Cairo, Houston...

"In physics there are many forces that act on each other and build into a greater expression of awesome power. As our Artistic Director, this is the creative energy that Jean-Michel brings to the World Sky Race. With his direction, we will achieve memorable crystallized visualizations for the world to enjoy and savor." - Don Hartsell

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