Monsieur Paul Masseron, Conseiller du Gouvernement pour l'Interieur and Managerial Members the Government

The Biodiversity and Enviromental Impact of the WSR are Explored by Stakeholders

March 17, 2009

MONTE CARLO, MONACO - La Principaute de Monaco invited the World Air League for an initial World Sky Race site review. Monsieur Paul Masseron, Conseiller du Gouvernement pour l'Interieur received Don Hartsell, Commissioner of the World Air League at le Ministere d'Etat to conduct discussions for the potential inclusion of the Principality of Monaco in the World Sky Race. The meeting was joined by staff from the Office of Diplomatic & Consular Relations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Specific attention was given to the needs for landing and refueling of the Skyships and the impact on the Air Traffic Control Operations and its potential effect on harbor operations. Monaco is rich in beauty and charm, but has scant land that could be used for hosting the WSR event. Based on the site tour, it was determined that the helicopter airport or the harbor would be the logical location for alternative in-flight refueling procedures. Adapting to the local needs and requirements, the competing Skyships would not touch down but would acquire their fuel supplies by hovering and hoisting. The parties agreed a technical feasibility assessment will be necessary to evaluate Monaco for being a selected position on the WSR route.

Commissioner Hartsell and Pascal Granero, Secretaire General de la Fondation Albert II meet at the Foundation offices in Monaco

Pascal Granero, Secretaire General de la Fondation Albert II and Commissioner Hartsell enjoyably discussed the mutual goals of promoting biodiversity. As envisioned, Lighter-than-Air (LTA) technology has the potential for being included in the matrix of solutions for sustainability. The World Sky Race Exhibition could be used to test biofuel in a side-by-side comparison with aviation fuel. Additionally, the LTA fuel savings for kg/km would be calculated against the fuel consumption for conventional fixed wing aviation technologies.

The Prince Albert II Foundation is an active patron for supporting programs and innovative initiatives that will contribute to a greener world. In this role, the Prince Albert II Foundation strives to act as an accelerator of projects and solutions. It promotes sustainable and equitable management of natural resources and places the individual at the centre of its projects. It encourages the implementation of innovative and ethical solutions in three main areas: climate change, biodiversity and water.

Airship Management Services office - George Spyrou, Megan Slocum and Chad Hana

March 20, 2009

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT - A follow-up meeting was held with Mr. George Spyrou, President of Airship Management Services, Inc., to discuss the technical aspects of conducting the side-by-side biofuel comparison. Mr. Spyrou indicated the FAA Certificate for the Skyship 600 is based on the operation of a single engine. This will allow for outfitting a Skyship 600 with a biofuel engine. Separate fuel tanks could be installed. Mr. Spyrou agreed this would be an excellent means to study first hand the performance and reliability of biofuel for LTA operations.

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