German (Stuttgart) Local Organizing Committee - Embrace the Race

January 22, 2009

STUTTGART, GERMANY - DC Aviation, Dieter Heinen CEO and Alexander Bay, Coordinator Flight Operations, organized a meeting consisting of representatives, for the city of Stuttgart with Andreas Kroll, Managing Director and Rene Otterbein, Marketing of In.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and Ms Andrea Gerlach, Management Director of Stuttgart Marketing GmbH. The meeting's purpose was to plan and orchestrate a bid package for the World Air League Host Cities Commission to consider Stuttgart's candidacy to be selected to represent Germany as the first Milestone Site in the World Sky Race. Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Württemberg and major economic hub in Germany, seeks to use its historic ties to the development of Zeppelins to establish and promote its bid to host the arrival of the first race in the World Sky Race.

The Maybach Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen will host a German Local Organizing Committee event for the Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg WSR Milestone candidacy competition.

Setting new heights, DC-Aviation is a proud sponsor of the WSR and an active member in the German Local Organizing Committee.

Learning high performance skills to build and repair radio controlled models,
children learn to compete on the track with their own Mercedes.

Touring playing at the architectural award winning,
Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Maybach Center for Excellence has been selected to host an event,
to bring together the government and civic leaders of Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg to develop a program for hosting the World Sky Race.

Stuttgart is home the world headquarters of Daimler Group,
which includes Mercedes-Benz.

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