The World Sky Race debuts in New York City Times Square on Jumbotrons

September 30, 2010

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - The World Sky Race had its debut on two Jumbotrons in Times Square today and will continue showing on October 1st as well. The World Sky Race 2012 is a first of its kind, historic, grand and epic aviation adventure of competing teams flying lighter-than-air skyships, blimps and zeppelins. The race will go around the world in 180 days. The World Sky Race was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal ,September 16, 2010.

The inaugural race starts on the Greenwich Prime Meridian in London 2012. The World Sky Race will consist of 18 individual rally segments with each start and finish being a race leg. The airships will dominate the skies as they completely circle around the globe. In the final race segment the competing teams return to the Prime Meridian. The best cumulative time will be crowned the World Sky Champion.

Journey West Media and the World Air League have agreed to create a joint media campaign to debut the World Sky Race in Times Square, the center of the advertising marketing media universe. Journey West Media has its global headquarters in New York City. Times Square is fittingly large enough and has the electrifying energy to showcase the World Sky Race on an array of the largest dazzling screens in the world. Patrick Harvey, President of Journey West Media, says, "WOW! The encompassing vision of the World Sky Race is an amazing journey to the summit of our imagination. It is simple, yet audacious. It will cause us to look for what is beyond the horizon."

In terms of being big, the World Sky Race is BIG. The World Air League is headquartered in Houston, Texas. During the opening of the World Air League Headquarters in Houston City Hall, Don Hartsell, World Air League Commissioner and Texan, said "It is simple, in Texas, we think BIG. This is how BIG the World Sky Race will be. The World Sky Race will be the largest man-made sporting and entertainment event seen by the largest number of live spectators in the entire history of the whole human race. That is BIG!" From its initial start in Texas, the World Air League has grown to having local organizing representatives in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Mexico, California and New York.

The World Sky Race is both retro and modern. It starts with the most exotic alluring international adventures of the 1930's and transforms them into today's viral paced out of this world networking connections. UNESCO is a partner to the World Sky Race. The race route will include more than 130+ UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of these historic and dramatic highlights will include: Versailles Palace; the Great Pyramids; Taj Mahal; and Statute of Liberty. "We're treating this as part of our communications strategy," says Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture. "As an international competition of lighter- than-air skyships, this race will serve not only to provide sporting excitement, it will also provide a means of highlighting the diversity of peoples and places around the world." Adding to the UNESCO sites, the World Sky race will include many of the world's iconic wonders by flying over Big Ben in London; the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur; Mt. Fujiyama in Japan; the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston; and more.

The World Air League has recently teamed with EUROSPORT, the leading pan-European sports broadcaster & N°1 on-line sports destination in Europe, to be the first media partner for the World Sky Race. EUROSPORT's coverage will consist of a minimum of 18 prime time programs. With rebroadcasts of each original program, the World Sky Race will benefit from a minimum of 40 programs broadcast in over 120,000,000 households across 59 countries. In addition, the programs will be aired on the Asia & Pacific channels of the Eurosport Group, enabling exposure in a further 14 countries. In Europe alone, EUROSPORT reaches 20 million different viewers each day - 95% of whom watch the channel in their native language. "This is a unique event," says Géraldine Filiol, managing director of EUROSPORT EVENTS, the event promotion and production arm of the Eurosport Group. "We immediately liked the project."

As part of today's global awareness, the World Sky Race is a Green Race. New environmental technologies will be tested for durability and performance. The lighter than air flying machines in the race will use less fuel than jets or airplanes. Estimates are savings of 90%+ of fuel when compared to airplanes. The airships are already in the air! They do not need to use fuel to get up in the air.

Advisers to the World Air League include: His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein Royal Patron for the World Sky Race in Jordan; Jean-Michel Jarre, Artist and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, and Norman R. Augustine, PhD., Retired Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin. Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General Egypt Supreme Council of Antiquities has provided his permission for the World Sky Race teams to land at the Great Pyramids. The Royal Mint of Malaysia is to mint gold and silver bullion commemorative coins for each of the World Sky Race Host City Sites. According to Alan Valdes, Member of the Explorers Club, Member of the Wall Street Exchange and Advisor to the World Air League, "The World Sky Race is about moving forward and looking UP!"

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