World Sky Race Bermuda Local Organizing Committee was formed to pursue a role in the World Sky Race
November 29, 2012

Bermuda Cabinet Ministers, Hamilton City Officials and World Air League Host Sites Representatives

HAMILTON, BERMUDA - City of Hamilton Deputy Mayor Donal Smith was selected as Chairman for the World Sky Race Bermuda Local Organizing Committee (BLOC) to manage Bermuda's candidacy to be included on the race route. During the press conference at City Hall Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert, Transport Minister Walter Roban, Education Minister Dame Jennifer Smith, Environment Minister Marc Bean, Families Minister Glenn Blakeney and Hamilton City Mayor Graeme Outerbridge were supportive of Bermuda's candidacy and each expressed their enthusiasm for participating in the inaugural World Sky Race. Attending on behalf of the World Air League (WAL) were Site Selection Committee members Jack Kelly and Rougeau and Commissioner Don Hartsell. Hamilton Deputy Mayor Donal Smith, who helped organize the Site Visit, said the race would help put Bermuda in the international spotlight. "The type of international exposure we could get from this, if we are selected, you couldn't pay for."

During tea at the Governor's House, discussions between Bermuda Governor George Fergusson and Commissioner Hartsell included locating an appropriate marine vessel to be the enabling mid-oceanic safety rendezvous point for the competing Sky Teams. According to Commissioner Hartsell, "Governor Fergusson's pledge to support Bermuda's candidacy will be a positive and important factor in the upcoming site selection process. With logistic support provisions and hands-on training, the World Sky Race can be conducted for crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The safety of the competing teams is up most in our planning and is essential in our geographic considerations as we consider Bermuda. The enthusiasm and hospitality that we have enjoyed while here has made a great impression on our team."

The BLOC conducted its initial meetings at City Hall and in the offices of the Whitfield Group, Ltd. Ms. Suzie Pewter, president of the Whitefield Group Ltd, was the recent organizer of the Bermuda Corporate Games.

Presenting BLOC Chairman Donal Smith with the World Air League Commemorative Medallion