Cargo Airships for Northern Operations and The Arctic Imperative Summit
August 22-27, 2012

Cargo Airships for Northern Operations

Don R. Hartsell, the Commissioner of the World Air League and founder of the upcoming World Sky Race, attended the 2nd Cargo Airships for Northern Operations Workshop. The Workshop provided a venue for potential inventors, aerospace manufacturers, regulatory administrators, economists and investors to examine modern heavy lift airship services and business development opportunities for modernizing the transportation grid in the Arctic.

Researchers from NASA Ames Research Center presented case studies and technology scenarios for modern cargo airship systems. Speakers from the mining, oil, and gas industries described their transportation challenges and how they are planning to utilize cargo airships in support of their businesses. Local Alaskan air freight firms described their forecasts and operational impact on up-grading their cargo fleets.

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Alaska State Senator Lesil McGuire and World Air League Commissioner Don Hartsell
The 2012 Cargo Airships for Northern Operations Workshop
Members of the Explorers Club: NASA Ames Research Center Director Dr. Pete Worden, Don Hartsell and Alaska Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell.

The Arctic Imperative Summit

Members of the World Air League Summit Host Sites Commission joined with state, national and international leaders; the heads of shipping and industry; investors; international policymakers and the news media at the 2012 Arctic Imperative Summit.

At an unprecedented rate, climate change is causing Alaska’s Arctic to change which will bring more development to the far North. Declining sea ice means is producing viable and efficient shipping corridors. There is a growing interest in tapping the large estimated reserves of oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean off the northern shores of Alaska. As a forum for leaders from all disciplines to collaborate on solutions, the goal of the Arctic Imperative Summit was convened to the focus on the policy and investment needs of the U.S. Arctic.

James Baker, former U.S. Secretary of State, Keynote Speaking during the Arctic Imperative Summit advocated the earliest passage of the The United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty.
U.S. Senator Mark Begich presented the economic forecast and challenges arising from climate change.
Alice Rogoff, publisher of Alaska Dispatch and primary organizer for the Arctic Imperative Summit.
Don Hartsell of the World Sky Race shares a video with Nancy Murkowski, wife of former U.S. Senator and Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski, at the Arctic Imperative Summit.

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